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Plantation Shutters

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Classic Shutters

Basswood frames
Pawlonia Hardwood panels

The reasoning behind this particular manufacturing style is being able to mix the insulation properties of the Pawlonia hardwood, with the resilience and stability of the basswood frames, while also offering a cost-effective solution to plantation shutters.

This might be the best option if you have UPVC Windows. Bare in mind that the Classic Shutters range also comes in 17 colour options.

Premium Shutters

Basswood frames
Basswood panels

Plantation shutters traditionally come with a stained finish, now thanks to basswood shutters, it is possible to have them in a wide range of stained wooden colours and a wide range of painted colours.

With our Premium Shutters range, the entire shutter is made out of basswood, both frames, panels and slats. Plantation Shutters made out of basswood have insulation properties due to the very nature of the hardwood itself, helping in maintaining as much as possible a perfect ambient in the room, keeping out the winter cold and the summer heat. This option remains one of the best choices for Tier on Tier Styles or large panels as in for conservatory windows.

Elite Shutters

European Basswood frames
European Basswood panels

Supply & install in 3-4 weeks

Poplar is one of the finest varieties of hardwood used to manufacture plantation shutters. It has a finer texture that gives your shutters an attractive look. Shutters created from poplar are sturdy and have a uniform, smooth finish, so upon staining or painting, your shutters look amazing on every window. The Elite Shutters range has gained popularity among home owners due to their quality. They are more durable than other types of wooden plantation shutters because the poplar itself is less porous, making it longer lasting and much more stable compared to other types of hardwoods.

Mimeo Shutters

Polywood frames
Polywood panels

(Waterproof product)

Our polywood shutters were designed having bathrooms in mind. Where wooden or MDF shutters failed against humid conditions by developing defects such as warping or paint blowing, the polywood shutters are tough, hard wearing and ideally suited to withstand high humidity, moisture, condensation and direct water contact. With a great quality finish and look, they fit the same as the other plantation shutters that we can provide.

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